Friday, May 2, 2008

Chaos Sweeps Me Aside

I know it's been forever - - - I can't seem to think of any new words - or perhaps my soul is too busy to write down what my heart feels. BUSY. That's the excuse that everyone uses when they forget to set aside times for themselves. Really, I am though...

So - Here goes one on the fly:

Busy as a bee in a bumbling hive
my life buzzes by

But I try -
and I try -

to set aside some time
to breathe

the busier I become
the easier it is to
move away from boring

and toward my bustling
schedule that needs to accomodate
me -

a beautiful
that's too busy
around time

to really be free

too busy for even a bee

1 comment:

jyotsana said...

hi jackie i was just wondering where u are and i got the answer today...."Busy as a bee in a bumbling hive
my life buzzes by" sure sometimes its like well expressed.