Thursday, July 18, 2013

Song Bird

It sings melodiously
high up on the tree, its voice
fills the air with nostalgia.
Memories from yesterdays
when we thought we knew it all
and frolicked to harmonies
played out by hundreds of them.
The sounds of orchestral bliss,
that followed us to the ground
where we would lie on the grass 
dreaming of what they could do
with those calls of emotion.
Then they would fly away fast,
in mass movement together
in an extraordinary 
escape from the whistler
who thought they might understand.
Perhaps they did; flew away
just to tell the other birds
what the girl  wanted to say:
that she loved their songs always,
and wanted them just to stay.
But then the sun would go down,
and we would run home to eat
forgetting about the one
who stayed to sing a lonesome
melody for the girl who 
understood what true love was:
it was you and me in dreams
from the future or the past.
We knew the birds and the bees
would lead us to each other 
someday, sending us love songs.
That's what I imagine now,
wIth the solitary bird
high up on it's lonely perch,
just waiting for its love mate.
Like I waited for you
even before I knew that
you were calling for me too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forever Young

The song lingers 
in my memory,
fresh like the flowers you planted:
raw and remorseful
from all we never got to say,
all we never got to do.
John Denver said it well,
though I doubt he meant
On a bike,
not a jet plane.
How your eyes lit up
like candles after a storm
when you would ride;
not a care in the world.
Smiling eyes
like Kizzy's:
your faithful companion.
That's how I choose to 
remember you:
carefree and innocent,
beautifull and young.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When war begins

When war begins
Nobody thinks about the ending
And the thousands who
Will be affected...

Those responsible
Blindly attack
Beating their chests,
Banging their drums,

Suffers in the end,
And we promise
to learn from our mistakes.
Years go by,
Amnesia strikes again,
And we conveniently
Forget our promise
To humanity.

It begins again
Just like before,
And ends without resolve.
The world is again
Connected only
By the communal
Tears that fall.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


the tunes that
forced your body
to keep rolling
in and out of bed
for 68 years
and 358 days

stay shuffled

it's as if i'm listening
to your journal
with retrospective

moving and grooving
to the sounds
that made you
work that body
into miraculous recovery
every time it was beat down

I thought the music
would stop
the day you left

but then I stumbled
upon your ipod
and there you are

announcing your presence
song and rhyme
beating happiness
into my heart

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You come in flashes,
taking my hand at times
or simply whispering my name.

Memories wash over me,
flooding my soul
like a river.

But then it is dry again,
and I find myself grasping
to recall:

your voice
your touch
your smell
your essence

SLC feels empty;
somber and stifled;
lonely and still.

A great man has left,

to return home
to all that was before
and shall come after.

I love you Dad,and I miss
your "Top of the Mornings"

Rest in Peace,
until we meet again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


it's happening again
you: tied down to the bed
with tubes and turmoil
me: crying and pacing
with medicinal hoplessness

this time the madness
isn't leaving you
and i'm left with fragments

memories of the good you
but more of the bad you
spill recklessly over me

my anger defeated by sadness
my hopes defeated by reality

time ticks away slowly
and i'm caught between
its irrelevant hands

wishing it would somehow
end differently but
knowing it will inevitably
end up with you coming home
and thrashing through the house
for the final, hidden bottle

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The ghost of poetry
floats haltingly by me,
haunting my creative mind.

Words slip through me
faltering and failing -
robbed of my inability
to create a stanza.

The ghost steals my insight.

Perhaps I have been
flirting with the devil
for too long.

But I'm coming home,
rounding the bend to
a place without hauntings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


It seeps through my brain
and covers me with darkness
for hours - sometimes days

The pain has become
a familiar foe -
I wonder if I ever existed

Or has it always been
this phantom stealing
my thoughts and erasing me?

Memories come and go
like sunrises - only
lasting for a moment

I know I'm in there
somewhere, beneath
this cloud of murkiness

Migraine Migraine
What have you done
to my former self?

I guess I should
go back to sleep
and maybe I will find me

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution

The essence of being
seasonless during the
winter month of
December haunts me

Snow-capped mountains,
and children sledding;
trucks plowing,
and men shoveling

Images that are
merely memories,
appear in my mind's
rear-view mirror -

Fading in the
distance like
the narrow streets
in St. Croix

As I drive these
littered streets
I let it all
fall behind

Living now
- this moment -
commands me
more than ever

Yet I cannot
seem to let
the yesterdays go
and the todays begin

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post Traumatic WHAT?

Last night I curled up
in a ball and learned
for the first time
what PTSD really is

A disease that rots a person
from the inside -
tears their wounds open
like an amputated limb

Last night I learned
that 8 years can feel
like only 8 seconds
and what time machines do:

They transport you back
to the moment your brain
stopped working and
your heart stopped beating


Last night I learned
about war and tried
to remember what
peace felt like

The profundity of
these lessons seep
into my dreams
and I am rattled

For only by remembering
the horrible
the terrible
the despicable
can we truly forget

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The notes of your
heart ring through
my head - beating
thoughts like the drums
of sadness you play

"Boom Boom Boom"
- they pound -
leaving me tossing
through another
sleepless night

Oh how I await the
day for your melodious
sounds to cease
so that I may finally
close my eyes
and be left
in silence

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Humble Me

How can I weep
When the sun rises
every day and shines
its warmth upon me?

My lonely friend
sadness has left
me again,

But do not worry
I am not alone

My constant companion
nostalgia has been
wrapping itself
around my soul
and giving me hope

these rising
suns are a reminder
that love still shines
and lifts me up
from my