Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post Traumatic WHAT?

Last night I curled up
in a ball and learned
for the first time
what PTSD really is

A disease that rots a person
from the inside -
tears their wounds open
like an amputated limb

Last night I learned
that 8 years can feel
like only 8 seconds
and what time machines do:

They transport you back
to the moment your brain
stopped working and
your heart stopped beating


Last night I learned
about war and tried
to remember what
peace felt like

The profundity of
these lessons seep
into my dreams
and I am rattled

For only by remembering
the horrible
the terrible
the despicable
can we truly forget

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The notes of your
heart ring through
my head - beating
thoughts like the drums
of sadness you play

"Boom Boom Boom"
- they pound -
leaving me tossing
through another
sleepless night

Oh how I await the
day for your melodious
sounds to cease
so that I may finally
close my eyes
and be left
in silence