Monday, May 12, 2008

Kindred Souls

Worlds apart
You and I

Breathing the same pious air
Smelling the same scent of earth
Noting the beautiful words
that spill effortlessly upon our souls each morning

We read the blogs
and block out the news

Scanning for the remnants of simplicity that
Weave their way into our lives

Poetry steals the sadness from our hearts
Prose leaves us aching for more

The power of words form
Crosswords and sonnets
Novelas and essays
Books upon books
Shelves upon shelves

You and I,
Although worlds apart
Seek the same goal


Words of wisdom
to give us peace
in this chaotic place


jyotsana said...

jackie u sure r going to laugh...but when i read it ...i felt these words r for me....i know...and i know it well that they r for everone of us....but u know....probably u succeeded in reaching out ....this one more time.

Sayani said...

hi there so very well said Jackie .....wisdom and knowledge and peace
i felt its for all of us...come and meet at bloggers world and share expression ...knowledge ...feelings....and ultimately bonds with some universal relation ....
very nice post Jackie ...keep it up

White Rose said...

All of us searching, so very true!
I loved this:
"Poetry steals the sadness from our hearts Prose leaves us aching for more"

When I am feeling sad, I always seem to reach for Dorothy Parker.
Her acerbic wit always seems to pull me out of the blackness.

Jackie said...

To all,

Thank you for all your thoughts! I wrote this for all the bloggers that find refuge in writing.
Jyotsana-that includes you :-) For without you all (and your words of poetry and prose), I would be lost!