Friday, June 6, 2008


Reach inside this turmoil
and force stillness

I am withered; tortured
from years of abuse

Rays of what used to be sunshine
have merged with clouds of confusion

A piece of my smile -
subsumed by your addiction

When will it end?

When your body finally succumbs to
and your 9 lives have ceased?

Or is there hope
that the miracle
for which I have prayed,
shall finally be answered?

These questions stand in oblivion,
unanswered -
leaving this chaos within
flaring with hope
and despair

Climb into my soul for a day
and witness the bruised love
that I have for a man

whom I envy, and yet despise

I am left alone
once again...

a four-year old girl
begging her daddy to wake up


jyotsana said...

addictions to even the good things can also b very destructive...the last 2 lines touch the pathos as the image is conjured.

Sayani said...

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Anonymous said...

9 lives ceasing. How true. Some people do seem blessed (or cursed) with that condition.