Monday, August 25, 2008

It's been ten days since I've written, and I am stumbling
on empty words to fill my pages once again.
I don't know if I am just blocking the world, or
what is happening.... but I really am having a hard time.

Perhaps it's because life is busy again
- too busy to enjoy - to listen, and think,
and to have no interruptions for beauty.
Perhaps it because the one I love doesn't appreciate
words - or poetry, so I find it hard to be inspired.

Maybe it's because I can't think of something
beautiful to write - but only words of sadness and desperation
- words that leave a reader lost.

I don't know the reason, but I am jumbled and stuck.
I just wanted those of you who read to know
why the blog has been lifeless.

Thanks for reading,



Anonymous said...

I don't think it's been lifeless. As always, I love to read what you write. And sometimes sadness brings the most beautiful poetry.
I love you.

White Rose said...

And yet you explained this so beautifully!

And do I understand the one that you love doesn't appreciate words. I'm in the same boat.

Sometimes he gets it but most of the time I just get "That's Nice"


Anonymous said...

I feel like Jake in the Sun also Rises
And you're like Brett with all your surprises
Maybe we're both lost in our disguises
Our emotions they hide in all kinds of sizes
You can share with me all of your troubles
Because deep down inside I may be your double
And I'm close to you like an image in spirit
Funny too how I always have known it