Friday, January 30, 2009

Tranquility's torture

they finally uttered.
You are fluttering
between worlds,
in limbo with time
as we know it.

At least you're sober,
you tell me before

I wait at your bedside
finally at peace with
who you were as a person,
as a father,
as a friend,
and as my mentor.

I only wish you
would have known
what life might have
been like without
addiction. . .

Sweet Dreams


jyotsana said...

hi jackie
is it for someone else u write here or is it u?
take care.

Jackie said...


It is me... My father is on his last few breaths... thanks!

Sayani said...

Thats a goodbye and i pray for the peace .
Take care Jackie

jyotsana said...

hi jackie
how are you? hows your father?
take care dear

jyotsana said...

its only after 2nd i came here...just wasnt aware ...i dont know what to say ...i know its sooo difficult...waiting to hear from you..