Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Battle

Come wrestle my solid heart
Throw those words at me again
It's nothing new - you fall apart
and I am left to pretend
That you will change and love me,
without my having to plead

I lost that battle long ago
You picked her grain and spirit
and wrapped her from head to toe
While I became the culprit
of hope and tireless shame
Just an empty shell to blame

This is the last time for me
the end - my final goodbye
Time to let go and be free
mend the love that's gone awry
and remember the good man
that once held my fragile hand

The battle is over now
the man with nine lives has won
stumble and fall - take a bow
your star performance is done
the poor frail body survives
but your mind takes a nosedive

Goodbye old man - -
Goodbye old man

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