Sunday, July 17, 2011


it's happening again
you: tied down to the bed
with tubes and turmoil
me: crying and pacing
with medicinal hoplessness

this time the madness
isn't leaving you
and i'm left with fragments

memories of the good you
but more of the bad you
spill recklessly over me

my anger defeated by sadness
my hopes defeated by reality

time ticks away slowly
and i'm caught between
its irrelevant hands

wishing it would somehow
end differently but
knowing it will inevitably
end up with you coming home
and thrashing through the house
for the final, hidden bottle


jyotsna said...

hi jackie, do you remember me?
is your father unwell again? Or is it some-one else at home? How are you? do respond. i'm happy you are still your work. liked it a lot.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Hi Jyotsna,

of course I remember you, my faithful reader. I wish I had better news, but in November my Dad died...

Which is why I've had writer's block for a few months, too grief stricken perhaps, or maybe just trying to find myself.

How have you been? Are you still writing? Your blog looks like you haven't had much lately...

jyotsana said...

hi jackie,
sad to hear the news of your father's death. can feel what you've been going through. may god give you lots of strength. my parents too have been quite unwell these last 6 months.