Monday, March 31, 2008


Death scribes itself a poem
underneath my skin,
wraps it spirit of darkness
creeping from within.

Around my neck it swirls
feigning jealousy,
for breathing pious air
blind hypocrisy.

Death comes to take me over
warrantless approach
arresting my poor body
stealing from my soul.

In Retrospect

Death startled my emotions,
spun them in the air
flipped my body upside down
forcing out despair.

I begged and pleaded “SAVE ME,”
cried with all my might,
while chanting prayers of mercy
" grant my life tonight"

Awakened from the nightmare,
the memory stirs a breath
I sigh with strange relief;
“I escaped my death.”


Jenny Maloney said...

It seems that the blog-creation-thing has driven you to create a lot in recent days. And that's awesome. The more you do, the more you can do, and the better it all gets.

Sayani said...

great work ...such a way of showing both side of a coin...loved a lot reading ...hope more from you