Friday, March 28, 2008


I had a dream last night and it has creeped into my mind - stealing my happy thoughts.

A Short Synopsis Follows:

When I opened the front door, I knew something was terribly wrong. The stench of putrid decay crawled up my nostrils, and the television was spurting out names of the recent soldiers killed in Iraq. The kitchen was full of smelly garbage: cans strewn about the apartment, rotten dishes stacked randomly throughout. A pot with burnt broccoli was covered with mold, and I felt the acid in my throat as I rushed to the garbage can to heave my worries away.

I walked slowly down the hall following the horrible smell - the smell I feared... As I rounded the corner into his room, I could hear only the buzz of the fish tank. My heart raced as I searched the room with my eyes half-closed, afraid of what I was about to see. I fell to my knees when I saw him – head rolled sideways and eyes open, staring vacantly ahead, a stream of saliva oozing from his mouth. The glass he had been holding had dumped into his lap, and a dried puddle of Vodka had formed a path between his legs, which were slightly open.

THANK God this was only a dream.....

1 comment:

Keri said...

That's a terrible dream. And all too real.
Big love to you - can't wait for you to come home.