Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election woes

He says he loves us
reminds us that we are all
one color: Americans.

While the other
fusses over fiscal ideology:
Make the rich richer
and the poor poorer

She loves the promise of
closet space: you can betcha
Maverick will make it so!

He is a working man:
never falter, never fail.
Get back up!
Don't back down!

Push and pull
Grunt and Shove
Tag - you're it!

Tired of defending
my reasons
behind insight.

Veterans for McCain -
they shout and scream:
try to make me believe.

As if I love my Country
less - because I believe
in Hope and Change...

I may be the only one
in a Red world that
wears Blue, but
all the while

I dream for
you too...

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