Thursday, October 23, 2008


Pain swallows her slowly
Driven backwards
As her world slips away
Regressing, not progressing
She tries
She cries
She yearns, aches, prays
For help
Again and again
God doesn’t answer
She can’t hear Him
She cries
He has heard
Reality fades away
More pills
Make more pain
Everything wasted
For her moment
Failed misery
Beaten by love


White Rose said...

I don't know if you intended this to be about chronic physical pain, but that is how I took it. And I can relate to these words on a personal level. Wonderfully done!

Constant pain can diminish a person!

PrinceofDarkness said...

Failed misery
Beaten by Love

The last two lines kind of throw me off a little bit - suddenly, out of no where, Love is going to rush in and save everything? Not saying it isn't plausible, but unexpected in the direction the poem is going... like your assonance and alliteration... nice work!