Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finish it

Flip me inside out
and tear the
skin off.

Let me bake
the shards
of glass
in hell.

Jump start a fire
under my
steel heart.

I have forgotten
what it feels like
to hurt.

Oh wait -
you gently reminded
me today,
when you
into Cirrhosis.


Anonymous said...

dear jackie,
wishing you an enormously happy 2009.
reading your poems make me feel that this too is journey tho of a strange kind that we embark upon. I seem to have graduated these six seven months on the topic of miseries, loneliness and the karmas that we chose.
anyways.....with all the love tho I hve never seen you but i know you thru your words.

jyotsana said...

now this is making me laugh....see what i hve done....this is no anonymous above ....this is me dear pressing the wrong keys.

Lou said...

I love this, it is thoughtful and I can relate to the emotion. thank you

Ann-Marie said...

I can feel the incredible emotion whilst reading your work. Very real and powerful!